#26: I.Am.Tru.Starr

by The Healer Hip Hop | Podcast

Hope for the Hopeless

In today’s episode of The Healer Hip Hop Podcast I interview US rapper and singer I.Am.Tru.Starr. His name is an affirmation for himself and anyone who says it. I.Am.Tru.Starr was born and raised in Rochester, New York. There, he has seen and been through some tough times that he references in his music.

On his first album “Old Stuff”, released in 2015, he says about those hard times: “Wish I could drop a tear, but my sorrow well dried up”. Ironically, the song’s name is ‘Joy’. However, he wants to give “Hope for the Hopeless” as he raps in the following song “Night calls”.

Despite his modest upstate roots, he made this his mission and purpose. I.Am.Tru.Starr is working with the intention to lead by example. With a dedicated passion to show the next generation that beautiful things can grow out of what others consider a deadbeat town. 

Before music, I don’t feel like life was really anything. It was just life in the ghetto.


Evolving with every album

You can’t put his music in a box. With the help of his long-time team of producers he navigates through genres and styles. One time, he raps smoothly and laid back as in the song “26 inches”. (I added it to my March playlist and it was the first song I heard of him.)

At other times he sings a powerful mantra: “A 20 Thousand Dollar watch won’t buy you more hours. But look into the mirror and you see your power” (“Power.”). When you listen to his music you’ll notice that he gets more versatile with every album.

He personally uses the word Soul Hop to best describe his style that mixes elements of hip-hop, R&B, funk, gospel and alt-soul.

Representation matters

His 2015 EP “Hair like Basquiat” was most influenced by one of the most prevalent issues of that year: the killing of unarmed People of Color by the Police, which seemed to have reached a sad peak in the public eye. With the album he wanted to create a manifest for the much needed self-love for himself and PoC in general. His hair, which actually looked like Basquiat’s at the time, was a further representation of this self-love.  

Smoke Break

“Smoke Break”, his latest work of art which was released in 2018, is a Soundtrack to his directorial debut. The “Smoke Break Movie” that came with the album. is about what price you’re willing to pay to create the life you want. If you want get in touch with I.Am.Tru.Starr you can follow him on IG, Youtube, Facebook.

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