They come a long way

Not today



I’ve been rocking this Playlist for a while now before I finally managed to upload it for you! This month I did something I usually don’t do: I added more than one song from several artists.

Artists I can’t get enough of this month

I listen to Solange’s ‘Binz’ and ‘Dreams’ from her latest release ‘When I get home’ all day. The same goes for my last Podcast guest IAmTruStarr‘s ‘Move’ and ‘Good to you’. As I said in the interview, his music is so diverse that I don’t even count him as one artist

Not waving, but drowning

Another artist I chose two songs of is Loyle Carner. I get so emotional every time I listen to his song ‘Sun of Jean’. It features both his Mum & Dad and the way his Mum talks about him and his ADHD makes my heart jump.

Loyle Carner has just released his latest album ‘Not Waving, But Drowning’ this month. It’s just as emotional as the songs from his last album and I added ‘Loose Ends’ which features Jorja Smith.

Berliner Negritude

Lastly, I added my favorite song from rapper Musa’s debut album ‘Berliner Negritude’: Treppenhaus.

I interviewed Musa back in May 2017. At the time he wasn’t sure, whether he would ever make his own debut. I’m so excited that he did and there’ll soon be another epsiode about it!

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