It's bigger than religion
It's bigger than my people
It's bigger than the government
This one is the healer, hip-hop

Erykah Badu, The Healer

The Healing Power of Hip Hop

Hip Hop is often associated with Violance and Aggression. While that may definitely be true for some of Hip Hop's most popular songs, I don't think Hip Hop itself is violent or aggressive. It's rather a reflection of the reality that is already there and is put into an art form to address it.

You are what you think

As with life in general, this goes both ways: you can just focus on what already "IS" and therefore reenforce it. Or you can create what "WILL BE" by focussing on what's possible and what you want more of. The latter is the Healer I belive Hip Hop is. 

A lot of artists do that with positive, empowering and inspiring songs  and this is the kind of Hip Hop I'm talking about here.

On this page you'll find blog posts that portray these positive and empowering aspects of Hip Hop culture.


The healing power of Hip Hop

The healing power of hip hop J Cole at Etihad Stadium in 2014. Cole (aka ‘Therapist’) runs non-profit organisation Dreamville Foundation, and houses single mothers rent-free in his childhood home. Photo supplied by Michelle Grace Hunder Guestpost by Alexander Crooke,...

Hip Hop is green

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