The Healer Hip Hop Playlist April 2019


They come a long way

Not today



I’ve been rocking this Playlist for a while now before I finally managed to upload it for you! This month I did something I usually don’t do: I added more than one song from several artists.

Artists I can’t get enough of this month

I listen to Solange’s ‘Binz’ and ‘Dreams’ from her latest release ‘When I get home’ all day. The same goes for my last Podcast guest IAmTruStarr‘s ‘Move’ and ‘Good to you’. As I said in the interview, his music is so diverse that I don’t even count him as one artist

Not waving, but drowning

Another artist I chose two songs of is Loyle Carner. I get so emotional every time I listen to his song ‘Sun of Jean’. It features both his Mum & Dad and the way his Mum talks about him and his ADHD makes my heart jump.

Loyle Carner has just released his latest album ‘Not Waving, But Drowning’ this month. It’s just as emotional as the songs from his last album and I added ‘Loose Ends’ which features Jorja Smith.

Berliner Negritude

Lastly, I added my favorite song from rapper Musa’s debut album ‘Berliner Negritude’: Treppenhaus.

I interviewed Musa back in May 2017. At the time he wasn’t sure, whether he would ever make his own debut. I’m so excited that he did and there’ll soon be another epsiode about it!

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The Healer Hip Hop Playlist February 2019

Oprah, Kamala, Ava, Tarana and Lena Serena, Viola, Opal, Patrisse and Alicia You and me, are the chosen, right now, this is our moment We are a people of motion Our love’s gonna change the world
India. Arie

What if

Welcome to A Month full of reminiscence

February has more celebrations than December: In Hip Hop, we celebrate Black History Month, Dilla Month and Valentine’s Day.

Black History Month

February is African History month and just in time, India. Arie published her latest album “Worthy” with a beautiful ode to African-American heroes:

The full album will be released on February 15 and if you can’t wait for more of India. Arie – like me! – go check out her Podcast Songversation where she talks in detail about her songs, new and old. I love it and it has inspired me to start a Songversation Podcast Series with Tansy Davis from Episode 2 of The Healer Hip Hop Podcast soon!

Dilla Month

February is also Dilla Month, celebrating the Life & Achievements of a Detroit Legend who was born on February 7.

J Dilla has produced a lot of the songs of the artists I listen(ed) to, such as Busta Rhymes, The Pharcyde, Erykah Badu, Common, De La Soul, Guru, Slum Village and many more. 

My favorite track of his is and has always been The last donut of the night, so you’ll find that on the Playlist.

Valentine’s Day

Lastly, the thing we celebrate in February that I care about least is Valentine’s Day. André 3000 best describes my feeling towards this day, so that one HAD to be on this month’s playlist 😀

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The Healer Hip Hop Playlist August 2018


Check out The Healer Hip Hop Playlist August 2018!

This month’s playlist is all about my upcoming Kidney Transplant Surgery. Of course, I’m a bit “Nervous”, I will feal “Reborn”, I try to be “Fearless” and have “No Worries”. Depending on how I’ll feel I’ll soon be back here for you and The Healer Hip Hop.

You can follow my journey on my blog Needanukidney (only in German at the moment until I get back with hopefully way more energy). Also, any prayers, good wishes, health tips, music tips are much appreciated! 



Until then enjoy some sweet summer music – I added some nice African music I heard on my son’s father African Summer Grill Party and you should have seen me in the car acting all Spice Adams when the songs played ;-)))


Unfortunately, my favorite song, Salone Party, isn’t on Apple Music nor Spotify, so here you go:
Here are the links to this month’s Playlist on Spotify and Apple Music.


Until soon,

xxx, Ana

Ayo – Fearless

Kid Cudi – Reborn

Nas – Everything

Etta Bond – Let me hit it