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Hip-hop is more than just a genre of music. It’s a journey through culture, creativity, and the diversity that challenges the status quo. On this page you’ll find the soul food you need for your mind and for your ears.


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Hi, my name is Ana Swartz

and I’m the Founder of The Healer Hip Hop.
Erykah Badu is my favorite artist and I’ve been following her music and life since I first heard her on Baduizm live in 1998. She’s also the one who first called Hip Hop ‘The Healer’ on her 2008 album New Amerykah Part One (4th World War).
Not only did I love the song, but also its meaning and the fact that it portrayed Hip Hop as something that brings people together instead of separating them. This was the same image I had of my favorite music genre and that’s why I founded The Healer Hip Hop to help spread the positive aspects of the Culture.

Erykah Badu on Why Hip Hop is the Healer

“I’ve traveled all over the world, and I’m a student of religion and philosophy and music and science and quantum physics and people and anthropology and geology. And in doing all that, collecting all of this information, I find that everyone prays differently, at different times and for different things. But everywhere I go all over the world, from Japan to Mexico to Africa to Argentina, people nod their head to the snare and the kick in the same kind of way, whether they know the language or not. They feel it and they zone out to it. They become part of the culture of hip-hop. Because rap is something you do, but hip-hop is something you live. Rap is only one part of the hip-hop culture. It’s the graffiti, it’s deejaying, it’s two turntables and a microphone, it’s the dance, it’s the dress, it’s the look of that tribe. And there are members of that tribe all over this planet. It’s traveled so far and so wide, more than anything. That’s what we have in common. And it is bigger than religion. We don’t have the same religion. We don’t have the same political beliefs. But that we have in common, and I’ve seen it with my own eyes, and so have others. It can’t be denied.”

Erykah Badu

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Hear you find the latest blog entries about the Podcast, Playlists and articles about how Hip Hop is The Healer to the world, our society or ourselves.


#20: The Miseducation of Ana Swartz

Ok, so here it is: this is the music I've made about ten years ago. I've promised to publish my music to Anna-Liisa Donnatella on Episode 16. It took a lot of courage to actually follow through with it but now that I did, I'm very proud of myself!  The Miseducation of...

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#19: Small Literature

Lafayette Lewis goes by the producer name Small Literature. I first got in touch with him through IG and he made a The Healer Hip Hop remix for me which I was supposed to play in this epsiode. But I ended up choosing a song from his latest album instead. That album -...

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The Healer Hip Hop Playlist Jamuary 2019

Welcome to 2019 This is it, this is a new day, a new chance at life and a new year full of music! If 2018 has taught me anything than it's that Maya Angelou is right:  I’ve learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be...

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#18: Neville Sigauke

Neville Sigauke is a Rapper and Artist who was born and raised in different parts of Zimbabwe and now lives in South Africa. Growing up in different cultures of Zimbabwe, he decided to overcome the ongoing tribalism by mixing Shona and Ndebele and sounds and fuse it...

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The Healer Hip Hop Playlist December 2018

This is the last Playlist of 2018 and boy, what a year! There was so much amazing music released this year, that it was hard to keep up, even for me. If you want to read a very good summary of this year's greatest releases (while listening to my playlist 😉 go over...

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#17: Tobias Wilinski

Tobias Wilinski ist mein geschätzer Podcast Kollege vom Thematakt Podcast - mein Lieblings-Hip-Hop-Podcast aus Deutschland. Er hat eine großartige Track bei Track Episode über mein Lieblingsalbum des letzten Jahres erstellt: Platz an der Sonne von BSMG:Tobias war...

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#16: Anna-Liisa Donatella:

Anna-Liisa Donatella has always been connected to arts: singing, making music, dancing. She's practicing and teaching Yoga, and is involved in several pre-dominantely female empowerment projects. She was into choirs from a very young age. At first, she was told she ...

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The Healer Hip Hop Playlist November 2018

Happy Movember! Just like the October playlist, this month's playlist turned out to be very smooth and laid back again. I'm still in my recovery mode and also it starts getting darker out here, so the music reflects my blue mood and my slower moves... Also, I felt for...

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